It is a new year, and so a new blog. Hello and welcome to my little baby of a blog! My name is Alexandra. I am the writer here for Puzzled Pilgrim, along with my husband Rio who does our photography. He also makes sure I have things like my phone and wallet because I can be rather forgetful sometimes.

So, what can you expect on this blog? Well, we hope to bring to the world a taste of all our travels and adventures. You can find out more about us by clicking on “Who?” and getting to know our story. At the time we’re newlyweds with a month of living in Jakarta, aka “The Big Durian” under our belts. We try our best to break out of our neighborhood to go explore other parts of our surrounding areas.

ParadeWe’ve already explored a handful of cities, neighborhoods, tourist traps, and delightful sites so be sure to check out our upcoming posts! We’re also going to be posting about places we’ve visited and loved in the past. Namely our adventures from the U.S.

After living in New York City the name The Big Apple never really made sense to me. There are no beautiful apple blossoms amid the rows of housing and complexes in manhattan. They’re all being grown upstate in beautiful valleys and pastures. But as I found out with a little research, the name has little to do with fruit production anyway. If you want  more robust and evidence driven explanation, you can look here. But for Jakarta, I’d say this name is apt.

Photo by Crystalline Radical

The durian is a tough little fruit to crack. It’s caused quite a stink and is even banned on public transportation and hotels. The tough shell in this case is the cities never ending snakes of jammed traffic, pollution, and poor infrastructure. Mind you the repugnant smell is not one that really needs to be transformed metaphorically. However once you get past the outer shell, it’s creamy insides are a polarizing taste. People tend to love it or leave it, and we’re learning to love it, our home. Thus, the creamy center of deliciousness: cheap local cuisine, locals with their “hello mister!”, and a rich history of East meets West. A history that resonates in our own relationship.

The durian, a puzzling fruit indeed.

12 thoughts on “Welcome to “The Big Durian!”

  1. I can’t wait to read more!!! Always loved your blogs. So excited to see all your beautiful pictures! Have fun and stay safe. Thank you for opening your eyes to new adventures.

    1. Sabrina, what a surprise. I had no idea you were reading the other stuff in the past. Were you reading on xanga and myspace before? Or Tumblr?

    1. Oh it is so lovely to have a blog where I can write again. Tumblr never did it for me the way myspace did. I’ve missed you so <3

  2. I love how you associate Jakarta with The Big Durian! Jon and I have read this and we’re already looking forward to the upcoming post! (He’s curious to know more about Jakarta from ‘foreigner’s’ perspective, loll)

    Congratulation for the first post! ❤️❤️❤️

    1. Ahhh good! Our blog is already helping create cross cultural relations. We just want to let more people know about all the cool places and things we do. We’ll keep you (and Jon) updated 😀

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