During the Chinese New Year, my husband’s friend and his wife treated us to some “Dragon Cookies” It came with its own set of warnings/instructions, and you can see where they get their name from in the video. They’re located inside Taman Anggrek, an upscale but older mall inside the confines of Jakarta. Apart from the ice cream, you can also cool down in the mall ice skating rink. We were a floor above the rink, and could look down over the area. I caught a small glint of sadness in my husband’s eye. He loves to roller blade and ice skate. He went pretty often to the ice rink on campus, even teasing me that it was his old “hunting ground” for picking up chicks.

After watching the packed ice rink slowly dissipate of people, a zamboni came out in attempts to smooth the scars of a crowded ice rink. Then, we stepped up to Freeze, the ice cream parlor and producer of the Dragon Cookie!



So what are they really? Oreo cookies frozen with liquid nitrogen. The stall sells mainly fresh frozen a la nitrogen ice cream. But I really dig the effects of these bad boys. One of us even managed to push the vapor from out of our nostrils- but we didn’t catch it on camera.

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