Recipe for Love

  1. Crack open two acceptance letters to Syracuse University
  2. Stir in the year 2014 with a dash of optimism
  3. Add one Indonesian, one American
  4. Place side by side during weekly date to go swimming
  5. Let feelings rise in one formal “prom” event for graduate students
  6. Place one nice evening of asking a lady to said event, and let bake at 325° for a few weeks
  7. Add one sweet kiss, and serve for a lifetime of enjoyment




  Our real goal here is to share stories about our life and where we go. It aims to talk about the connections between places and things.
To bring a common human element to things that are seemingly different.

So who does all this? Two lovebirds decided to combat the clouds of an unclear future ahead of them with marriage on a slightly rainy day in Orlando. One was chasing words and the other technology, and between them a blog to capture all their adventures was born. So here we are, at the Puzzled Pilgrim. A lens focused on the every-day world brought together by two every-day people. The exciting part? They are from two very different types of every day.

So follow us as these two explore and expand our known universes with each other, and finally with you.


Homo sum, humani nihil a me alienum puto
“I am human, and nothing of that which is human is alien to me.” – Terence, Heauton Timorumenos